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    Accounting and Bookkeeping

    Bookkeeping is the process of keeping accurate and updated records of company revenues and spending in any given period.  By letting HR Accounting facilitate you with the bookkeeping of your business records, you will be doing both yourself and your business a huge favor. Finance is the backbone of any conceivable business. HR Accounting can help ease all your Accounting and Bookkeeping worries and make sure all your books are in perfect order!

    At HR Accounting, our services are targeted towards aiding busy entrepreneurs or business owners by taking over their financial management needs so they can divert all their attention onto operations. Relying on our web-based accounting platform, our CPA’s and accounting professionals tailor a custom solution that is a perfect fit for your business. Our accounting and bookkeeping services include:

    1-Real time data capture and account allocation.

    2-Access to our accounting platform from any internet-connected device.

    3-CPA account managers that are always on call.

    4-Accounting results you can rely on.